Thursday, April 4, 2019

Thursday, April 4, 2019

We were going to visit the Tumacacori Mission but Sherm wanted to wait until he can take his wife.

The Secret Garden Inn at the city of Tubac, AZ

The entrance to the Secret Garden. I'd like to tell what is in there, but then...................................

A Garden Mermaid

I like these ocotillo fences.

The Santa Cruz River flows for about half of the year.

The water was crystal clear and very tempting to go take a taste.

View from the other side of the bridge.

Sherm drag raced this tractor. Same result as when he drag raced me yesterday.

Little donkeys, blind horse.

A different kind of ironhorse than what I ride.

This is a living ocotillo fence.

Tubac is a town of Artist and their Galleries

Where rich folk buy expensive things that have no real value.

Although they are kind of pretty

I'd have to restore it.

I can't believe Sherm is taking off one of his two coats that he is's only up to 84 degrees.

I don't think my wife would let me bring that home.

Maybe this......................nah!

Marley's uncle?

Yard Art

My wife has a good reputation!

Sherm and I were hiking the Anza Trail when.....

.....this old cowboy rode by.

He said do you ride that red Goldwing? He didn't mention the S

Pajaro Construction company built these condo's.

They were designed to blend in with the natural surroundings.

The old cowboy rode between these two beauties.

Tailings from an old copper mine.

This is Helmet Peak. Sherm asked me who has a head shaped like that? I said, don't you remember the Coneheads from the 70's era TV show?

We took this little back road to avoid the super slab and we were very  glad we did.

A lot of these signs on the fence surrounding the old mine.

I think this must be a testing facility for the Komatsu equipment company

Lot's of activity and security

An old Tester going home

These are big trucks

I'm guessing 100 cubic yard capacity beds

New tires

Use tires

A few horses getting a little shade

They are in this picture too!

Old cemetery next to the San Xavier Mission

We both had an Indian Taco

They both eat their own cooking

When we were done, we both wished we hadn't

Sherm borrowed my camera and took a picture of this cute little red headed boy! Okay, I accidentally took the picture. :)  :)

A rare sky hawk

Too out of it to get into it.

The half painted San Xavier Mission

What's this?

Just another back row Baptist.

I think Sherm may have been a little taller than the natives.

They put a lot of work into the old missions

Awesome to behold

That third step is a doozy!

Now that really is a Prickly Pear Cactus

Nice little cafe and gift shops inside

Sherm bringing his money!

But first checking for Taliban!

A cross made from a Saguaro Cactus Skeleton

Our beautiful cactus flowers bloom but only for a day.

Tucson on the fly.